About Us



About Us

We got our first companion Papillon in fall of 2004. What a delight this little boy Tipper is to have in our home. Then about two years later we decided Tipper should have a friend and we got a female named Paige. The two were the love of our lives.

I started to go to the local shows and see my friend Gayle from whom I got Tipper and Paige from. I started to take an interest in the showing aspect of the breed and told Gayle that the next Papillon I got, I wanted to be a show dog.

So in time she had this beautiful male puppy…….Kip. So we formed a co-ownership and Kip came to live with us.

Then the fun started. We were going all over the state to different shows and I was learning so much about the show world. The more I saw the more I wanted to try and show myself.

Once’ was then added to our family and soon her and Kip became parents.

Their litter consisted of 2 girls and one boy. One of which is our Izzie.

Soon after that we were offered a beautiful male from Dreampaps Papillon, Lucas.

That is when I myself started going in the ring and showing myself.

In the meantime, we have had two more litters out of Once’ and the last one is the one Tango and Jazzy came from and soon they will be in the ring too.

We strive to breed healthy and good quality dogs. They are all raised in the house with us and are considered part of the family; therefore they lay in our laps, on the couch, in a comfy chair, or where ever they can find just the right spot.

Socializing is also a very important thing for us and we do our best to get them out as soon as they are old enough into the real world.

All dogs are registered with the American Kennel Club

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