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Guestbook — 9 Comments

  1. Beautiful papillons. Let us know please, when you have puppies.
    We would like to have a female.

  2. I have been trying to contact you through your website about your dog “Honey”, but my contact request bounced back. Could you please let me know whether or not she is still available. We live in Kirkland and can easily drive to Tacoma to see her.

    425-503-0511 or 425-417-5317

    Janet Huston

  3. Looking for a preferably female puppy or young papillon as a companion.

  4. We’re looking for a sweet female papillon to live with us in a child free home with a kitty friend. We are both dedicated pet owners and after extensive research, we know that a papillon is the dog for us!

  5. We lost our beautiful Michelangela in October. She was bright Red and White. It is so difficult to find a Papillon with this coloring. Could anyone lead me to a breeder that might have this type of Papillon. You can see her on

  6. Actually that color is called sable and yes there are many breeders her in Washington state that have them. You can find a breeders list on Papillon Association of Puget Sound. I am sure you can find a breeder that has a sable for sale. I don’t have any at this time. Good luck!!
    Judy Sanders

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